Q: Hello, I was wondering if you post anything on your website. Can I be updated about your future and current projects and the status of your programs?

A. Hi! Thank you so much for sending us a message. Yes, we do post other things on our website including the projects and programs we have. We update everyone about its status and if there are any upcoming events or programs and projects in the future.

Q: Do you still accept new members in your organization?
A. Hi, thank you for your question. Yes, we welcome anyone who would like to be a part of our organization and be one of our members who help out people with rare diseases.

Q: Where can I find your organization? I would like to visit but I don’t know the exact location.
A. Thank you for thinking about visiting us. You can find us in Michigan but to know our exact location, please go to the location tab of this site and you will see a map so that you can locate us easily. Thank you so much for sending us a message and we hope to see you soon!

Q. Where can I post a message for your organization?
A. Hello! To send us a message, you can contact us privately through our email address or if you want, you can post in our forum. When you do so, feel free to ask any questions and to interact with more people other than those who are members of our organization.

Q. Can I post a message on your forum even if I am not a member of the organization?

A. Hi! Yes, anyone is free to post any message on our forum whether it is a question or just a simple message.